Tuesday, March 10, 2009

La Fougasse - Paris

Another Local Boulangerie to Try??
Man, lemme tell ya, it's hard to keep up with all the local bakeries near my apartment in the 3rd. I'm making my way round to all of them to choose one as my real "local." I'm leaning towards La Fougasse, which is about a 5 minute walk and is always stocked with bread and other treats. I like to pass by, snatch a fresh baguette, walk down the street with it and kid myself that I'm a real Parisian.

Other times I just walk in and stare, find something I think I can pronounce and end up pointing at it, grunting the words "ce-la", like an illiterate. Regardless of method, I've never gotten something at La Fougasse that wasn't first rate.

Over time I've noticed that I end up here a lot. I leave my house, walk down the street and my self-talk goes something like this "Hmmmm, I gotta go try that new spot X or oh yeah, that other spot Y is only a few blocks away. But..... Fougasse is just right around the corner, and man their baguettes are good...." And boom, there I am, right out in front, digging in my pocket for some heavy Euro coins. Perhaps I've already selected my local?
25, rue de Bretagne
3rd Arondissement

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  1. Talk about being in a good spot in Paris !! You do have your work cut out for you though -- so much to taste just on rue de Bretagne alone, and the nearby Marche aux Enfants Rouges ! I have yet to ever pass by Fougasse when there wasn't a massive line outside. I've never braved it - I mean, we're talking over 20 people ! Not bad for your "local" spot! ;)

  2. It is indeed an embarrasment of riches. Rue de Bretagne is loaded - we're only just begun to scratch the surface.

    You really do need to brave that line, it is worth it. I love their baguettes!

  3. Baguette is definitely great.. I remember that's the breakfast offered to me the day I arrived in Paris and that made me smile.. lace it with beurre and confiture and you are set!!

  4. Wow, beurre and confiture..... Puffin is writing in French. Babe, how come you only know food words? Why, babe, why?