Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Momofuku Bakery and Milk Bar - Manhattan

Allow Me to Pinprick the Hype Bubble
As a natural contrarian, I'm aware of my tendency to want to hate something that everyone else loves. So, it is with this tendency in mind that I fairly jab a pin into the Momofuku hype balloon. Puffin was having a bad day - I was hoping to cheer her up with a jolt of sugar. We got three cookies and a chocolate shake. The peanut butter cookie was good, no complaints there. However, it wasn't any better than the ones my mom makes - and at $1.75 a piece, I'm gonna talk to my mom about coming outta retirement to open up a cookie shop.

The other two cookies: the compost (a strange mix containing pretzels and potato chips amongst other things) and the cornflake-marshmallow-chocolate chip left both of us flat. The latter was overly sweet and had a hard, candy-like crunch that I didn't care for. We didn't finish them. Not shown is the chocolate shake, which was made from bavarian cream ice cream and chocolate milk. It was ok, nothing special. However, a $6 shake better curl the hair on my shins. Yeah, you read that right - six friggin dollars! That's like 4 small tacos at Tacos Matamoros!

It was about then that I became totally annoyed. They don't even give you chairs to sit in - you stand at chest-high tables. Ok, ok, I am getting carried away. I don't mind overpaying for stuff, it just better be good when I do. I would rather overspend at Trois Pommes.

East Village

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  1. if you brought me there, i would have finished the cookies for you! ((: Haha, anyway, just wanted to say that i can see my sister's distinct eyebags in the ping ping photo. hehe

  2. Speaking of cookie-making, did you ever try the Lavender Shortbread recipe??

  3. @JC - wow, them's fighting words, lil sis.... watch out for the incoming....

    @Mom - nope, still haven't tried that recipe out. Maybe I will do it when I retire...