Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Golden Cake Vendor - Taipei

Pay Dirt, PB-Style!!
After just one bite I fantasized about hiring her to setup her stall outside my apartment.  I dreamt of opening my front door and yelling "two more peanut butter, please."  Moments later I'd bite into this freshly cooked cake with a vein of molten chunky peanut butter.
I give Dodo indirect credit - she brought me here to buy the thin rolled crepes you see in the background.  I was fixated on the cakes, however.  The Auntie had just poured some batter into the molds.  After placing some fillings into the batter, she covered them with more batter and then closed the mold.  After a minute, she rotated the mold so the other side would get some heat.  I got excited and waved my translator over.  Dodo ordered three and the vendor said something back to her.  Then Dodo said something like "do you want peanut butter filling or blah-blah-bluh bluh-blah-blah-blaaaaaa."  I didn't even hear the other varieties. 
We got one with butter filling, one with chocolate and one with peanut butter.  Do I even need to tell you which was the best?  Come on, it's obvious!  On my return visit, my silver-tongued girlfriend tried to talk me out of getting three peanut butter for myself.  She's very convincing, but in this particular case she failed to change my mind!
20, Section 2 Daan Rd

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  1. I recall someone didn't finish all 3 peanut butter cake.. hmmm... GREEDY!!

    Everything from this stall is yummy... can only say I am glad I placed orders for my egg rolls or I won't have any to bring back for my family and friends :)

  2. @Dodo - hold up there, snark-o-matic, I just ate the third one!! So there. Still delicious a day later.

  3. These look good! Is this a chain? Also, butter sounds like an awful filling =|

  4. @Jae_Em - Not sure if it's a chain or not, it's a tiny stall so I don't think so. Butter was ok only, didn't add much to the flavor. Of course, I'm a biased peanut butter addict!!

  5. Gosh, that looks mouth-watering! Is there no end to regional sweets? Was it really sweet-sweet, or is it sweet light? A Chinese "sweet" that my boarders sometimes make is filled with red bean paste and isn't all that sweet compared to the sweets we make here.

  6. @Sal - not overly sweet at all, more of a peanut-butter lovers type of treat.