Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Pigeon Hole - Singapore

The Cool Cafe Wars Are Brewing
It's like 00's NYC all over again.  Here in Singapore a cool cafe opens weekly.  In an eyeblink, we've gotten The Pigeon Hole, Loysel's Toy, Sarnies, Orange Thimble, Drips, Smitten and undoubtedly a few others while I wrote this post.  If you're an office-less worker like me the Pigeon Hole is remote-bot heaven. They have comfortable tables, coffee and free wifi.  After 20 minutes of work and 40 minutes of net-surfing I dug into their signature chocolate bread-and-butter pudding.  It's described on the menu as velvety creme brulee topped with chunks of fluffy buttery croissant and chocolate chips.  I wonder, is that really a croissant on top or pieces of you tiao?  The latter, I hope - that would be cooler.
I wouldn't guess they'll win awards for their coffee.  It's pretty standard in my anointed opinion.  I like a coffee that can punch me in the eye and leave me a bit stunned.  Sarnies is that place.  However, for vibe and comfort, Pigeon Hole fits the bill. 
It's kinda artsy and designy, if you follow me.  The first time I went there was a photo exhibition of cool people, the kind that probably would never talk to me.  I mean, let's be honest, I don't really have much to say either so it would be an awkward silence.

To the girl with the tight boots in the hot climate, I would start the conversation with something like this: "Hi, which way is the library?" and it would crumble from there.

But I digress.  I like this place.  They were playing an old-school soundtrack that included Bjork, Morrissey with a dash of Radiohead.  No complaints there.  I've worked there a few times since then and always get the pudding, it's a perfect fifteen minute respite from work if you take your time.
52/53 Duxton Road

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  1. You got to try their chicken pie too... very good. Similar concept to their pudding, they use yuo tiao too. Localized yet yummy like a good old chicken pie... yummzzz..

  2. @Puff in Bed - chicken pie is for chickens!

  3. I agree with Puff in Bed. It's hard to beat a great chicken pie.

  4. i just laughed out loud. that bread pudding looks to die forr

  5. @Sal - not sure their version is as good as yours.

  6. @Sandy - its 90's here with 133% humidity. Would you sport some boots? Be honest.

  7. Radiohead, hipsters styling and choc bread pudding--damn too bad the flights to Singapore are so expensive.

  8. @Niko - It ain't the ticket price you'll be bitching about after 12 hrs of flying with another 10 to go....