Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blue Bottle Coffee - Brooklyn

Sometimes Less is Smore
It's all fun and games until it backfires.  I'm talking about the trend where you take an old favorite, break it down and build it back up with fancy-schmancy ingredients.  Case in point: the uptown smore I got at Blue Bottle Coffee.  It sported a name card explaining how the graham cracker was made from scratch, all the better to house the hand-crafted marshmallow and single-source cocoa bean chocolate sauce (I'm exaggerating.)  Sorry, but when I think of smores, I think of this.....
But nooooooooooo...... Look, some things are better left alone. As a 6 year old, with these three ingredients, a sharp stick and some fire, I made better ones.  The price I paid today would keep me buried in smores for a week in the old days.  Ok, I have to take inflation into account but you take my point.
Blue Bottle is schwanks to the core.  Just look at the place.  It's "hipster hits lotto" all the way.  I got no issue with that, it's beautiful.  I sat at a table near the front, open to the sidewalk, enjoying the breeze and my latte, which by the way was ok.  I'm sure the single-source beans were hand-picked by eunuchs and transported by ox-cart from Guatemala to Brooklyn, though I couldn't taste the difference.  Of course, I am exaggerating again, but you get what I'm saying.
160 Berry St

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  1. The Pufffffffffffffffffff SpeaksJune 13, 2011 at 7:43 AM

    You obviously don't love this place very much... even though schwanks sounds like me... wahahahaha :)

  2. @Pufffffffff- yeah, like only, not love. Could be I was just in a snarky mood.....

  3. Mach & I made some smores the old fashioned way, sans the campfire, and I had forgotten how very sweet they are. Can I have really liked them that much??

  4. @Sal - that's how they're supposed to be, SWEET!

  5. smores are foreign to me, but the first photo looks absolutely yummy!

  6. @Pirate - we'll have to make a batch when I get to town.