Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jean Millet - Paris

Firing on All Cylinders
We rarely cross from the right to left bank for eats. Not because we don't think there isn't good stuff over there, we're just kinda lazy. We made an exception to go check out Jean Millet, a patisserie in the 7th. Puffin saw it once while riding a Velib and made a mental note. We jumped the 69 bus for the short ride over. As soon as I walked in I had good vibes. Everything looked good. I ordered a Mont Blanc (chestnut cream cake) which was sweetly smooth and came with a section of chocolate picket fence stuck in its cranium.

Puffin stayed savory - she got the bouchee a la reine - veal, mushrooms and heavy cream tucked inside a flaky pastry shell. I had a few bites, it was very nice. So, the food was excellent. Extra points for the giant cafe cremes they serve - twice as big as normal, with the hot milk delivered on the side so you can make to your taste.

There are a few tables against the wall, so you can eat on-site, making this a perfect place to hang out and munch. We languished there for quite a while and felt very comfortable doing so.

Even this guy got in on the act, munching on a macaron to celebrate Halloween.

7th Arondissement

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  1. Breakfast spots that gives you a wide selection of choices is rare.. so this is a good spot.

    Before the bouchee thingy, I had a croissant which was very good too. (I know I know.. I ate a lot for a breakfast.. u can call me fat-so!)

  2. Fatty bom bom, let's go again this Saturday!