Friday, June 5, 2009

Au Levain du Marais - Paris

An Embarrassment of Riches
I have countless breakfast options on the 20 minute walk from my apartment in the Marais to the job in La Bastille. This is the first post in an attempt to document them all. One that stood out to my eye is a traditionally decorated corner patisserie on Boulevard Beaumarchais. I popped in and was overwhelmed by the choices.

I settled on something called a "financier" which looked like a flattened version of a corn muffin. Turns out, it's main ingredients are almond flour and clarified butter. It has a spongy, springy texture and a very light taste. Paired with a dark coffee, it did the trick. After my visit, I did a bit of research on the place and this is the David Lebovitz' local patisserie - he claims they have the best croissants, bar none. I will have to try those out some time. UPDATE: I went back to try the croissants - they are pretty good. My personal fave for croissants, however, is Jean Millet.
11th Arondissement

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  1. Only one post after a week? Man... I feel cheated!

    The financier looks kinda small for breakfast. I recall it being somewhat similar to the tiny madeline that I finish in a bite. Maybe I got it wrong.. will I get to try this place?? Will I??

  2. You are being cheated, blind. You better get over here and straighten things out, Pingle.

    Not too small - kinda like muffin-sized, just a little bigger than you! Wahahahahahaha

    Yes, you will get to try this place if you don't get lazy....