Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ba Xuyen - Brooklyn

Ba Down to the Master?
NY's banh mi title is hotly contested in the blogosphere. Some proffer Ba Xuyen as the title-holder. First things first, at $3.75 for a large sandwich, I doubt you can find one a lot cheaper. I chose the shredded pork because I love all things pork. It came stuffed inside a toasty baguette, that had a nice crust.

It was loaded to the gills with all the requisite tasty things and I happily downed half of it in the blink of an eye. I sat back and took in the place. It is small and homely, with only maybe 4 small tables. Everything on the menu is very inexpensive. They even sell milo and horlicks drinks for those of you out there who like those. I got a vietnamese coffee, which was rich and sweetened with condensed milk. I then looked at the other half of the sandwich.... I couldn't finish it. Memo to self, don't go here 20 minutes before you come to Ba Xuyen....

4222 Eighth Ave
Sunset Park

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  1. I have to say it does look pretty good. Maybe I will give it a shot after all.

    So when will we have time for this from our 101 other places to check out? =P Greedy girl is in town!!

  2. Puffin, you gotta stop eating like a dainty girl. Roll up your sleeves and get to eating!!