Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Catania Cafe - Brooklyn

Sicilian Breakfast is an Eye Opener!
Back in Brooklyn!!!  Man it feels strange - I've been away since July.  As usual, things have changed here and there.  A Sicilian cafe named Catania has opened up around the corner, in a bad luck spot that's housed many failed pizza shops.  Based on my breakfast, the luck has changed.  Permanently.  I arrived at 8am on the dot, right when they were pulling hot things out of the oven.  It was so good that I ate the equivalent of three breakfasts in one sitting!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pain de Sucre - Paris

the Spaceship has Landed
Pain de Sucre is an old favorite - half of my "winter mashup" experiment.  Two store fronts away from their original, they've opened a shiny, sleek new shop.  They're selling the usual excellent pastries and marshmallows, but unlike the old shop you can sit outside and eat your treat immediately.