Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gusto - Paris

Place des Vosges Italian
I'm partial to small, home-spun places with focused menus and personal attention. Who isn't, right? I usually luck into them - which was the case with Gusto, a small Italian traiteur just off the Place des Vosges in the 4th. It was opened this past summer by an Italian couple - she's from Napoli and he's from Parma. I had a wonderful brunch there a few months ago after wandering around the area. Last night, I took Puffin for some dinner and dessert.

Turns out, Puffin got the dessert and I got the meal. She ordered the tiramisu and I took the first spoonful. It was heavenly - rich, dense and smooth. I noticed she didn't offer me any further samples - a sure sign that she loved it.

I ordered a plate of fusilli al pesto rosso, a sauce I'd never had before. It's all the ingredients of the pesto I'm used to, with tomato substituting for the basil and a healthy coating of parmesan. It was just right - not too much tomato, the way I like it.

If you click on this shot, you can see the menu for the day. They also sell Italian products and can fix you up a nice meal to go. If you eat in as we did, you'll feel cozy at one of the small tables and will get the fullest attention.

4, rue Caron
4th Arondissement

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  1. Tiramisu is light not dense! But you are absolutely right about me loving it. At the end of it, I was truly contemplating a second serving... hmmm... when we going back for more?

  2. You say to-MAY-toe, I say to-MAH-toe. Dense in taste.