Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dominique Saibron - Paris

The Drive By Methodology
My girlfriend amazes me.  On a recent taxi ride from Orly airport, as we sped down the street,she tapped me excitedly and said "remember Alesia."  Yep, got it, Alesia, I said, barely looking up.  This, folks, is the "drive by methodology" whereby Dodo sees something as we drive past and makes a mental note.  It's a proven methodology, yielding such gems as Les Pates Vivantes and Jean Millet.  So, this morning when she said "remember that place we saw last week near the Alesia Metro?" I didn't even hesitate.  I jumped up, got on the net and found the name: Dominique Saibron.  Within an hour we were there and folks, it's a keeper.
The pain au chocolate was flakey and loaded with delicious chocolate and proved to be slightly better than the chaussons aux pommes, above.  However, both were quite good.  As I bit into the pain au chocolate it shattered like a window and sprayed shards all over my new sweater.
However, what turned out to be the best of all was the bread.  I later learned that his baguette placed third in the 2010 Grand Prix de la Baguette de Tradition Française de la Ville de Paris.  Today's tartine was unlike any other I've had, it arrived warm.  I quickly loaded it up with butter and apricot jam and devoured it.  The crust was thick and crunchy and the guts were so soft and pliant.  I didn't know a tartine could be this good. 
We sat on the terasse, bypassing the inside tables and bread bar.  There was a constant line out the door the whole time we were there.
If you're ever speeding by in a cab, look for this....

77 Avenue Gen Leclerc
14th Arondissement

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  1. You know what was so good abt the choc croissant? With every bite, you hear the sound of the crispy top layer breaking apart... hmmm...

    Wonder when I will have the chance to have it again?

  2. @Dodo - hmmmmm..... January? Don't worry, after you leave I will come back and try more things and take more photos. That's how much I love you, I'll do it just for you.. Wahahahahahahahahaha. Evil-kid in the house!