Monday, March 16, 2009

Tacos Matamoros - Brooklyn

The Two Little Tacos that Changed Everything
I'd just about given up on ever getting good Mexican in NYC, then I came to Tacos Matamoros. Finally, something to rival the Mexican I used to get on the West Coast. These two little tacos blew me away: Al Pastor (roast pork) and Carne Enchilada (spicy pork.) So fresh, so tasty, bringing back memories of Roberto's in San Diego. My bad photo don't do these babies justice...

Within minutes I'd blasted through both and washed down a mango batido. Don't be thrown by their name, the menu is extensive. I look forward to many more R train rides down here - I plan to eat my way through every single thing.

I feel so stupid in retrospect. For good Mexican food, go to a Mexican neighborhood, DUH! Thanks to Best View in Brooklyn for recommending this place!

Sunset Park

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  1. This looks good... do they serve nachos too? With salsa? I am a nacho monster!!!


  2. Yep, they have nachos on the menu, so we gotta R train it over there when you get here.