Sunday, February 12, 2012

Miss HoneyPenny - Berlin

From Cold to Colder
I was so enthralled by the idea of the Berlin Film Festival that I didn't stop to consider that it's held in Berlin, in February.  I was already cold when I arrived and I still haven't warmed up.  I've been eating non-stop, not because I find German food that enticing, but because I need protection against the German winter.  Miss HoneyPenny was close to the hotel and open early so I gave it a try.
I travel to Germany from time to time for work and have never really warmed up to the food.  It seems like it should be good - lots of sausages and fried stuff.  I hoped a vacation there might change my mind but it hasn't so far.  German food is really not so interesting.  Now, at Miss HoneyPenny, they served me up a nice scrambled with bacon and a side salad.  I really liked the salad, surprisingly.  It's hard to mess up a breakfast, isn't it?  It was ok.  Just ok.  To be honest, I was so happy to be sitting in a warm place I didn't even focus that much on the food.
As you can see, they take their faux sixties look seriously here.  Seems to be a trend in Berlin.  If you go to the eastern part of the city they will sell you this nostalgia for a high price.  You want a vintage East Berlin typewriter from 62?  They got em, but you better clear your Mastercard balance first.  On the contrary, food is reasonably priced here.  Or shall I say, reasonable compared to Paris.  I am so used to getting ripped off in the City of Dark that my price discomfort point has moved.
Winterfeldtstraße 44

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  1. Oh man! You are in Berlin. Cool I like the place!


  2. @Pirate - I agree. First class film festival. Interesting architecture, nice art scene. Just one problem - COLD!!!

  3. Sigh... I don't get to go to Berlin for film festival... sad :(

  4. @Puffin - you sound so sad....

  5. @Puff Speaks - Shouldn't you be "Angry Puff" then? Wahahahahahaha.