Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Little Spoon - Bangkok

Monsoon Protection
Sunny Bangkok can take a turn for the soggier faster than you can duck into a cafe for cover.  When I sat down at Little Spoon I was a bit damp but fared better than most.  Thai rain attacks from all angles - even upwards.  The unfortunate were stuck outside, caught like laundry in a violent rinse cycle.  I patted myself dry while waiting for my latte and blueberry cream cake to arrive.
Little Spoon looks like a small piece of Tokyo with its whitewashed walls, wooden furniture and cutesie decoration.  A peek at their menu revealed some savory items such as curry rice, etc.  I was more than happy to stay on the sweeter side of the menu.
The Tokyo cutesie-poo-ness extended all the way to the spoon.

I didn't wait in vain.  The cream cake was better than expected.  I always worry that Jap-style cakes will be on the dull side, but this is Bangkok so perhaps they zest them up a bit. 

All in all, a very nice place to wait out a monsoon and a needed respite from all the street food I've been eating.  By my last latte sip, the sky had already begun to clear.
Sukhumvit 21 soi 3 (Asok)

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  1. It is huge that you say a cheesecake actually meets your expectations since u are a NY cheesecake snob (or I shd only my cheesecake is good snob?) Haha... been ages since I tasted that yummy rich cheesecake with fresh whip cream that you made... sigh!!!

  2. @Puff - if you notice, I called it a "blueberry cream cake" in order to mentally take is easy.... The Kid still makes the best cheesecake on the planet, some day I will make you another one.