Friday, November 5, 2010

DEPUR - Paris

Un Pause Gourmande
Depur stands for "drole endroit pour un recontre", which literally means "strange place for an encounter" but I prefer to translate it "funny running into you here."  Feels like they came up with "depur" and then found a sentence that fit it.  Nevertheless, I stopped in for a "pause gourmande" otherwise known as "snack."  Not any old American snack like a Snickers or a 1,000 calorie bucket of fries, no, something healthy.  A tomato with a cheese hat.

I chopped her up and spritzed her with a bit of balsamic vinegar and got to munching.  Over here tomatoes taste like tomatoes - a nice change.  The mozarella was soft, tasty and more suited to being eaten than being a red fruit's scalp cover.

Oh wait, I just realized I didn't tell you the strange part of the story.  Depur is the restaurant for a gym called Klay.  Now, the French aren't exactly known for working out so I imagine they go into the gym, lift a dumbell over their head, take a shower (or not) and then have a nice 3 hr lunch downstairs at Depur.  If two Frenchies happen to meet while lifting that dumbbell they just might say "funny running into you here!!"  There is a beautiful outdoor seating area that is covered from the elements with thick plastic which lets in the light and keeps out the rain and wind.  This is the exact location where I knocked a hat off a red fruit and then dissected it with a sharp knife.

You could also opt for the interior, which is a bit more swank but less cool in my opinion.  Come and have a coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks or brunch on the weekend.  In keeping with the motif, lift a single dumbell at home or do one pushup and then visit.
Just ignore this guy if you sit inside.  He'll glare at the back of your head and when you turn around to peek you'll swear you hear him say "Go ahead thtoopid, thay thumpthin!!"
It's off a narrow street in Sentier, look for the giant K.

4 bis rue Saint Sauveur
2nd Arondissement

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  1. I've been to DEPUR but the one on montorgueil but I don't recall this hilarious red fruit hat :) I'll have to try this one since it's around the corner! I won't, however, be trying Klay. Overpriced elitist gym... non merci!

  2. @LIC - I hear you about the gym, I looked at it and couldn't imagine there is any serious working out going on in there. I went back recently on a Saturday for some coffee and the brunch looked pretty good - I know you're a brunch chick so you should check it out.

  3. I enjoyed drinking coffee here... and I recall the fruit juice I had ages ago was yummy too. Only problem is it's really pricey. But then again.. nothing is ever cheap in Paris I guess.

  4. @Puffin - I think we should swing by here for a brunch.