Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gérard Mulot - Paris

Surprise, Surprise.....
You probably already know about the incredible cakes at Gérard Mulot. They stand at attention in the window like a small army - polished and attentive.

No surprise either that you probably know about his bread and other baked goods. It is hailed far and wide, both within France and without.

But did you know you could get a breakfast set at their Place des Vosges store? I discovered this with Puffin a few weeks back but didn't get to try it until yesterday. For 9 Euros you get an OJ, coffee, small fruit salad, fresh bread with butter and jam on the side, a selection of mini-viennoiseries, a fried egg and two slices of ham. I substituted a chausson au pomme for the selection of viennoiseries. I enjoyed every single thing, especially the fig jam I slathered on the bread. The coffee was surprisingly good as well.

There are only two small tables on the far end of the store to eat breakfast, so the earlier, the better probably. I got there around 8am, which is pretty early for a Paris weekday - I had the tables and the chef to myself.
3rd Arondissement

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  1. I thought you were going to wait for me to eat this. What happened to togetherness?? I guess it all gets forgotten in the presence of food... =P

    Does look like a deal for Paris!

  2. I was supposed to wait? For togetherness? Ohhhhhhh.....

    I thought you said "go try it and let me know how it is."