Sunday, March 1, 2009

Korcarz - Paris

Jewish Bakery Nirvana
Sunday's are pretty quiet in Paris - most businesses are closed and a lot of the restaurants, if not closed, don't open until late morning. Bucking the trend for obvious reasons are the Jewish eateries in the Marais. I walked by Korcarz a few times and stared in the window, overwhelmed by the many choices.

Yesterday, I finally got over my shyness.

Puff and I stepped in and were happy to find out that in addition to a bakery there is a sit-down cafe. We took a look around before settling into a table. There were mountains of baked goods of all sorts: both French and Eastern European.

Puffin ordered a beignet au sucre, which I would describe as deep-fried dough covered in sugar. You could tell it was bad for you just by looking at it. It was sweet, but not as tender as hoped. I think it would have been much better right out of the oven.

I got a chunk of apple streudel, which was quite good. I recommend it. Next time I will try one of the bagels, with cream cheese. The place is comfortable, with good coffee - definitely will be going to the top of the Sunday morning breakfast list.

29, rue de Rosiers
4th Arondissement

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  1. The freshly squeezed OJ was great! I just wished the food was hot... I think it's an Asian thing.. we like our food hot.

    The idea of deep fried beignet glaced with sugar definitely is the right way to go!

  2. It's a bakery Puffin, so most things are not going to be hot....

  3. The beignet on the photo is a hungarian food, but they eat it in salty version.