Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bread & Roses - Paris

Oh The Choices One Must Make...
No silly, not between bread and roses - that's the name of the place. Imagine you gotta choose amongst the killer cake line-up, below. Put yourself in my shoes: in Paris, wobbly French skills, seated ten feet from the counter where these babies peer out at you. The waitress arrives and boom, you're on - "Avez-vous choisi, Monsieur?" Me? I point like a dummy in their general direction, until the waitress asks an unknown question to which I answer "Oui." Phew, that wasn't as hard as I thought. Just like a native.

Somehow, she came back with a pain au raisin? Huh? What happened? Don't get me wrong, it was good, I wolfed it down, no problem. But those cakes kept staring at me. Gotta get me one, GOT TO. All of a sudden, the Ghost of French-Past took over and I heard myself saying: "Mademoiselle, le gateau sur le droit, s'il vous plait." Where was he ten minutes ago??

It looked so tasty upon arrival. I could now make it out - some kind of dried fruit and nut cake.

It was fully loaded, not just with nuts, but with some kind of booze too, or so it tasted. Grandma would've approved - she liked to tip a few back from time to time. It was dense and punched above its weight, for sure. Even carried a fighter's name - the "energy booster", according to their website. Surely they jest, should be called the "nap-maker." Shortly after polishing it off, I settled into a pleasant, sleepy fog as I sipped the rest of my cafe au lait.

It was then that I noticed the roses on the tables and the bread stacked up behind the coffee bar at the far end - "Bread & Roses." I don't know if the help is well-paid but they definitely work in dignified conditions, this is a classy spot.
Gonna have to take the Puffin to this place when she arrives in Paris, I think she'd like it.
6th Arondissement

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  1. i never tried their cakes, will definitely have to. i love their breads - especially the one chock-full of dried fruit (soooo good when toasted with good salted butter!). seeing how you liked that cake, i think you might like it too. they have a lot of real dark, dense breads, and lots of combinations of grains as well, top quality stuff. a great place for a light lunch for sure.