Saturday, August 14, 2010

Toh Soon Cafe - Penang, Malaysia

Kickoff Breakfast in Penang, Malaysia
I'm here for a three day weekend with Puffin and some of her girlfriends and the goal, funny enough, is to eat as many different things as possible. Keeping it simple for the first meal: charcoal-cooked toast and coffee. Toh Soon is a sliver of an alley that is known for its toast and after trying it out I can see why. It was wonderful.

In the foreground is a simple buttered, sugared toast - similar to the one I had in Bangkok. The marbled bread in the background was very interesting. It was marbled with coffee, I believe and filled with kaya. Very, very good. Sadly, they were out of chocolate bread, which I wanted to try. The doll on the right? Well, I told you I was traveling with girls, didn't I? She's one of the crew and has probably been to more places on the planet than I have.

The kopi peng (iced coffee) was strong, the way I like it. Perfect for this town, which is a tad on the muggy side.

The regular kopi was way too sweet for me. Too much condensed milk.
We had a seat deep inside, near the stove where the toasts are grilled. This is the key to the place - the stove. It's a charcoal-fired drum - the coffee is boiled on top.

Toh Soon, I will be back on another morning. I know I shouldn't go to any place more than once since I'm only here three days, but I am willing to break that rule for you.
Penang, Malaysia

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  1. My ice kopi was definitely a winner. I know no one really fancied the nasi lemak but I did enjoy it very much. Grew on me with each bite :)

  2. @Puffin I thought the Nasi Lemak was pretty good. Now I realize I have a photo of it that I didn't post. Doh!