Monday, May 25, 2009

Ya Kun Kaya Toast - Singapore

Uniquely Singaporean Breakfast
Today we went for a breakfast of kaya toast and coffee. Kaya is a jam made out of coconut milk, egg and sugar and flavored with pandan leaf. The word kaya comes from the Malay word for "rich", which is pretty accurate - it is deeply sweet - perhaps even an acquired taste. It's usually served with butter between two pieces of toast, as shown below. It's also used like syrup for french toast.

Another specialty is the barely done eggs, laced with soy sauce and black pepper, served in a bowl. There is a very special way to eat these that I didn't try. That is, you stir it up and slurp it from the bowl in one go, making as much noise as possible. I did the typical Ang Mo thing - I dipped my kaya toast into it.

There are a handful of locations around Singapore. We ate at the one downtown near the Far East Square.

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  1. Haha.. someone is calling himself ang mo :)

    Ya Kun is one of the original kaya bread toast stores in Singapore and this shop that you had your breakfast is in fact the same original shop from a million zillion years ago.

  2. Cool, I ate at a place that is a million zillion years old.