Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Clover Art Gallery and Coffee House - Brooklyn

The Right Place at the Wrong Time?
I never thought this place would open - it was "coming soon" for many months and man, what a bad economy to open a place, especially one like this. As you can guess from the name, they offer two things, one of which is considerably less in demand these days. The coffee bar is up front and sports a Clover coffee maker, which you can read about here. It was fun to watch my single drip-brewed coffee being made by the Clover, freshly-ground beans and all, but truth be told, it just tasted like a cup of coffee to the kid.

The back of the place is a gi-normous art gallery, with a smattering of art and a few small tables and chairs. I sat back here, sipped my coffee, surfed on the free wifi and read the paper. Man, what a nice place this would have been during the go-go years of say, like, three years ago or so....

I just don't see how this place will survive. I hope I'm wrong, because they got a lot of the little things right - free wifi and an electrical outlet for each table. I would like nothing more than to come here, surf the net, sip coffee, eat some snacks, look at the art and peoplewatch. Puffin, you better get over here to Brooklyn and check it out, while you can!
Boerum Hill

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  1. Sure looks nice babe! I think this could be my new hangout work place.

    Music? Any? As you know, I love Vbar's classical music background.

  2. They were playing a rather eclectic soundtrack: jazz, alternative, etc. Not sure if that was the personal choice of the guy working there or a not.

    You will definitely get more space here than at V-Bar and you are only steps away from Hancos, Blue Marble, Downtown Bakery, all the spots on Smith St and of course, Casa a la Kid, where you can take those famous naps of yours.

  3. They are presenting live music every Saturday from 6 to 9 and every Sunday at 1 ..

    It is a great space to enjoy a performance (comfortable, spacious, good acoustics) and they have a beautiful grand piano!

    Plus, there is no cover charge -- you can just walk in off the street, drop in and out, etc..

    check it out and enjoy some local music!

  4. It's a phenominal place actuaully! Not just becuase my family owns it, but just because it simply is! A lot of work went into this place...it just needs a great chance to really floursh! I'm asking everyone for their support :) ...I'm just a young lady (25) trying to support my aunt who worked her butt off to provide something great to the community!!!

    They have awesome snacks and lemonade!!! A gorgeous grand piano and amazing art. Very peaceful and enjoyable...REALLY! Not to mention the great perks of having free wifi and a great atmosphere without having to pay a cover. I'm very PROUD of this place...it did take a while to open, but now that it finally did, I recommend everyone visit at least once! Thanks :)


  5. This has quickly become my favorite spot in the 'hood: cool vibe, yummy pastries, free WiFi, and coffee that will have you bouncing off the walls. Just can't understand why there are so many empty tables...get here quick and experience this undiscovered gem!

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