Friday, January 14, 2011

Le Cantine de Quentin - Paris

Grocery Store Dining
One of the growing Paris trends is eating inside the grocery store.  It's called "epicerie-a-manger" and the handful I've tried have been long on looks and short on quality food.  I'd say this about Le Cantine de Quentin, Au Duc de Montmorency as well as newcomer Jeanne A, where I recently suffered through a rubbery chicken. They all stock consumables on tidy shelves and create a grocery store illusion, though I've never been the least tempted to buy anything.  I do enjoy the look, it's comforting to me in some strange way.  Of those I've tried, Le Cantine de Quentin was the best experience food-wise.  The hits outshone the misses, like the remoulade, below.  A friend explained that it was made with celery but I later learned that he meant celeriac, which is a root vegetable from the celery family.  It was combined with peppers and tossed with mustard and was very nice.

The risotto with mushrooms, however, was a miss.  The bubbles seemed like a bad sign and indeed they were.
The pate with pickles wasn't bad and I'm not a pickle type.

The mushroom ravioli passed, just barely.  A bit on the bland side of the aisle.

This combo of foie gras with chutney was absolutely delicious.  Call me a rookie, but I'd not had these two together before and for now on I will insist on it.

I loved the dessert - something named croustillant praliné.  A lovely combo of chocolate and praline mix in a cream bath.  Very subtle, not overly sweet.

I sat with my back to the window, the better to people-watch the flossies inside.  Too shy with my camera, I failed to capture the woman with fur boots or the man with the scarlet tunic and matching hair.  The characters eating there scored an A+.
10th Arondissement

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  1. Thanks for writing this blog. I have been lurking for a while but never commented. I live in Paris too, one block off of rue au Maire, so your reviews of the places on r. Volta and Maire are super useful. The first time I tried Banh Mi, the lady asked me if I had found it through the "American blog" and the woman at Happy Nouilles asked the same thing. For the first time in the two years I have been here, I finally ventured down to the 13th for Vietnamese food. Oh boy - I wish it was not such a pain to get there. Also, have you tried Le Grapillon on Tiquetonne? Husband unit and I found it while wandering, but it turned out to be quite good and we've been back several times. Heavy on the foie gras.

  2. Hi Valerie, thanks for commenting, glad you've found some places through the blog. I've not been to Le Grapillon but I'm always looking for new places so thanks for recommending - I will check it out. I have a Vietnamese friend in Paris who has taken me to the 13th a few times and the food is excellent there. Does your husband know he's a "unit", lol?