Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rice and Beans - Paris

Why'd She Do It?
The pretty girl with the big tits was tired of being popular.  Or maybe she was just bored when she grabbed the blade and carved up her face.  This was a makeover, but not the usual kind.  Not a change of hairstyle or new clothes, something else completely.  Something deep and disturbing.
Perhaps she'd glimpsed something, an inevitable decline that nobody else could see.  Maybe she wanted to cut to the quick, get it over with.
We'll probably never know why she did it.  What we know is that she was never the same.
22, rue Greneta
2nd Arondissement

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  1. Longtime reader, first time commenter ;)

    Here's the back story: Rice & Fish was supposed to move to a new, nicer location, and at the same time the owners started turning the old location into Rice & Beans. The new R&F location was subject to some 11th hour roadblocks and from what I understand, it *will* come back soon.

  2. @Omid, thanks, that's good to know. Not sure it was the smartest move - go taste that "Mexican" and you'll see what I mean.

  3. Yeah, it's not the best-managed move in history, that's for sure. And this isn't the first time I've had to explain to people what's up, so I wish they'd put it on their answering machine or something :)

    As for the Mexican food, so far I can say without a doubt that it's the best taqueria food in Paris, but I also know full well that's not saying much. You can try the other newcomer - El Nopal, a cheapie takeout window in the 10e – for comparison.

    That (little) said, while the burritos and tacos could use some tune-ups to get up to San Francisco snuff, the tamales are actually quite good. (Full disclosure: I know the person rolls the tamales.)

  4. @Omid - I checked out El Nopal last night and it's head and shoulders above Rice and Beans. They have good guac. Having said that, there still isn't yet any excellent Mexican in Paris.

  5. Nonsense.. Love the guac! Best I had to date for sure :)

    Hope Fish & Rice gets their act together and return soon!

  6. Ok... Just to clarify, I meant guac at El Nopal. =p

  7. @Dodo - umm, yeah, I said the guac at El Nopal was good.... Hello? How did you like Rice and Beans? Scared of being mean? Huh?

  8. Too bad about the Leader Price "nachos"...

  9. @Adrian - just about everything I had was bad, though to be fair I didn't try the burrito and maybe they can handle one of those?

  10. Update I went there last week and received coleslaw and potato chips with my take away burrito, not sure if they were from leader price.

  11. @Anonymous - wahahahaha. Did you add the coleslaw and chips to the burrito?