Saturday, March 7, 2009

Enoteca Ai Artisti - Venice

Venetian Tapas
We are on a weekend trip in Venice, walking, eating and shopping. After a "grueling" trek around San Marco we climbed across the Ponte dell'Accademia into Dorsoduro and were rewarded with a small restaurant serving cicchetti (tapas.) Puffin got the seafood plate - grilled mantis prawns, shrimp in polenta, curly octopus salad and two types of cod. She didn't talk to me much as she dug in so I knew to sample some of it. It was very tasty, even the prawns, which looked like giant bugs. You should click on the pic for a closer look.

We also tried the deep-fried mozarella and prosciutto sandwich, something I'll always remember when I think back on the trip. It was unlike anything I've ever had - light, as if they'd fried it in a mist-cloud of oil. I would have been happy to have three of these.

I sampled the tagliolini and shrimps in a pistachio pesto sauce. Pistachio pesto - whoever thought this up is a genius. I never would've imagined how good this is. Perfection. Just the right amount of sauce, with whole pistachios thrown in for good measure.

We sat near the window and people-watched. This is a shot looking into the restaurant back towards the wine cellar.

Fondamenta della Toletta - Dorsoduro 1169/A

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