Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pain de Sucre - Paris

the Spaceship has Landed
Pain de Sucre is an old favorite - half of my "winter mashup" experiment.  Two store fronts away from their original, they've opened a shiny, sleek new shop.  They're selling the usual excellent pastries and marshmallows, but unlike the old shop you can sit outside and eat your treat immediately.

I like the red bench - it folds out from the wall on hinges.  I took a seat and turned myself into a human advertisement.  Everyone slowed and watched me hack away at my tart.  Invariably they'd go into the store as a result.

The interior glows like a giant bulb, with its blinding lacquered white walls.  Not my cup of tea design-wise, I prefer the original.

Luckily, they're still cranking out beautiful works of art.  I tried a Champcella - lemon cream on top of caramelized apples and sprinkled with some kind of rosemary finish.  A surprising combo that works well.  Not overly sweet.

Another thing that remains the same are the colorful marshmallows in the window.

14 rue Rambuteau
3rd Arondissement

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  1. I know! They have opened a new pastry in a place that looks like a bulangerie and the old bulangerie seems a old fashion bakery... a lot of confusion!
    Good food but overpriced

  2. @Anon - you gotta pay up for quality in the city of light.

  3. Your green cake looks weird! I kiss the apple croissant thingy. Yumcious :)

  4. @Dodo - how dare you make fun of my green cake!