Thursday, May 26, 2011

Al Taglio II - Paris

Frenchie Silverware Struggles
During my three years in Paris I've studied the locals up close like a science project.  They're funny ones, the Frenchies.  They rarely notice when their dogs drop a hot load on the sidewalk - best to leave that for someone else.  They can be seen in summer, sporting woolen scarves like nooses, as if fearing a polar breeze.  Strangest of all, they eat finger-foods with knife and fork.  I've seen them carve up a burger, fork pieces of sandwich into their mouths and even attack a pizza with cutlery!  So, when my Al Taglio pizza arrived pre-chopped, sans silverware, I got out my notepad and pencil.  Time for some Frenchie-watching!  They struggled mightily when the pizza arrived.  They looked around, confused. Slowly, after accepting the lack of silverware, they reluctantly picked up their pizza shards.  I wanted to give em a hug and tell em everything would be alright, but feared the pizza grease I might get on my back.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Popelini - Paris

Then What Happened?
When I arrived back at work, fresh from Popelini, they were still arguing.  The limey was gesticulating so hard, he batted his shiny thin tie over his shoulder and left it there.  None noticed the long trays of cream puffs I'd placed in the middle of the table.  Each was annoyed I was blocking his view of the idiot on the other side of his argument.  I began to wonder about my colleagues - how can they be so passionate about work?  Hello, there are rows of tiny choux à la crème, people!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bagatelle - Paris

Location, Location, Location
Rarely does the Paris-of-the-movies intersect with real life but on a recent afternoon, outside in sunshine filtered by leafy-green Bagatelle Park, they came together as one.  The evil me felt sorry for you.  You should've been there at Bagatelle, blowing off your afternoon meetings, sipping wine and taking small bites of prawn risotto with cuttlefish in veal stock.  I chewed slowly, glancing at the deep blue sky and felt happy knowing the weekend, though a day off, had already arrived.  The prawns had that perfect smoky barbecue aftertaste, drawing me further into summer, to the 4th of July.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Versailles - Miami

Chilling in Little Havana
After a punishing round of golf at Doral it was easy to convince the dejected to make a run to Versailles for a Cuban lunch.  We gorged on a variety of delectables, pushing our guts to the edge of explosion.  We later napped sitting on the couch, tv blaring and upon waking didn't discuss dinner.  Everyone was still full and reflecting on the lunch.  I teased them for not getting the flan with coconut, one of my favorites.  The Versailles version was stellar.