Thursday, February 9, 2012

Piment D'Or - Paris

Welcome to the Deep Freeze!
Air France is on strike - what's new?  I got swapped over to a Singapore Airlines flight, which is like escaping the slums for a penthouse.  When we landed it took me a while to calculate what the pilot said.  "Moins neuf" - multiply by two, subtract 33, carry the nine and, and.....  SIXTEEN DEGREES??  What the fuck?  I thought of hiding in the bathroom on the outbound back to Singapore.  I didn't bring a coat so it was an extra joy shivering at the empty taxi stand for 20 minutes.  Strikes, freezing cold, non-existent taxis.....welcome back to the 3rd world, kid.  At least I can warm up with a delicious bowl at Piment D'Or!
I was introduced to Piment D'Or by my golf posse, a group of Vietnamese who answered in unison when I asked for a restaurant recommendation.  The name translates to "golden spice" and I'm going to need a lot of it to keep the cold at bay.  Their Bo Bun is point but for "stick-to-the-ribness" you're better off with the hearty noodle soup.

It has both beef and pork and if you like you can load it up with diced chillis.  I think I'll head over there soon, I need something to get the pores open and the sweat flowing. 

111 Avenue d'Ivry
13th Arondissement

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  1. Why have I not heard of a place called the golden pepper? Gonna have to add this to my list of places to get a spice fix in Paris. Thanks.

  2. @Omid, it's one of those no-frills spots with good grub.

  3. hi! oh my gosh how do you do it?
    how do you travel and eat at all these places???? not fair - are you a professional eater or something?
    can i pick your brain about paris? email me back PLEASE!!!