Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pommes Frites - Manhattan

Ode to the Fry
The atomization of all things continues unabated. It makes sense on cable tv, I think; you can flip amongst the hundreds of specialty channels according to your interests. But restaurants? There are now places that serve fries, nothing but. I knew this walking into Pommes Frites, but still half-expected a side of chicken on offer or maybe even waffles. So old-school in my thinking....

It was not to be. Here your only choices are how many fries you want and the type of side sauce. I chose a small with horseradish mayo. For those of you used to ketchup with your fries, try to keep up - these are Belgian style fries. Or, quasi-Belgian I guess. I doubt you would get Vietnamese Pineapple as a dipping sauce in Brussels. They also offer Poutine, that singularly Quebecois amalgam of fries, gravy and cheese.

The fries aren't made until you order, which was good to see. After they dropped mine into the boiling oils I took a seat at one the wooden benches. The tables were riddled with holes - they kinda looked like cup-holders.

But obviously they're to put the fry cone into. If you're keeping score, my small cone was packed with fries - close to 60 I am guessing. They were nicely fried, slightly crispy on the outside, tender on the inside.

The horseradish mayo was a letdown - no kick to it whatsoever. I was hoping for something spicier. So, overall, does it make sense to pay close to 6 bucks for some fries and mayo? Not really. I wasn't bowled over by the experience. However, if you are out drinking and get the munchies, this could do the trick
East Village

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  1. Ooooo... the fries does look good. I want those fresh but a little soggy ones... you can have all the crispy ones.

    Guess we can always pack our own ketchup? Yes? Hehe...

  2. I will take you here Puffin, we can split the fries up like you say. They have a lot of tasty sounding sauces, check out the photo showing the sauces.