Monday, February 14, 2011

Maroco - Taipei

Thick Toast Wake-Up Call
Before I arrived in Taipei, Dodo had already scouted a breakfast spot near our hotel.  She described it as a "thick toast spot" and I knew exactly what she meant.  Maroco makes their own bread, slices it thicker than your head, toasts it and loads it with butter.  They do much more - feast your eyes on the tarts.  Though our Taipei trip wasn't a long one and repeating visits to a single place makes little sense, we came to Maroco many times - because of the toast.
It's a small bakery with seats for about ten.  Just inside the front door you're bombarded by freshly-baked choices.
The first time I got only toast.  The next time back I went for the full breakfast which included scrambled eggs and pork sausage, which I slathered with the spicy mustard.  It was very filling and quite tasty but totally unnecessary - I was happy with the toast alone.
Every time we went, we sat inside, read the newspapers (ok, I looked at the photos in the newspaper and asked a bunch of questions), ate and sipped coffee.  Perfect way to start your day.
I really wish I had this place right around the corner from my Paris apartment, so much better breakfast than a rock-hard tartine.
No. 45, RuìĀn St, Da-an District

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  1. Breakfast was yummy here... Loved it! Sis loved the nougat I bought from here too.

    Freshly baked bread, toasted and served with butter and jam.... Oooo... making me hungry even typing about it.

  2. @Dodo - good find. Full credit given.