Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Popelini - Paris

Then What Happened?
When I arrived back at work, fresh from Popelini, they were still arguing.  The limey was gesticulating so hard, he batted his shiny thin tie over his shoulder and left it there.  None noticed the long trays of cream puffs I'd placed in the middle of the table.  Each was annoyed I was blocking his view of the idiot on the other side of his argument.  I began to wonder about my colleagues - how can they be so passionate about work?  Hello, there are rows of tiny choux à la crème, people!
I'd nicked mine in advance and crept out of the meeting, back to my desk.  It was just me and my chocolate cream puff.  So quiet and nice - cream puffs don't argue.  I set it aside, answered a few emails and started thinking about my last experience with choux, which was incredible.  Could Popelini be as good?
After a bite I knew I was being unfair.  I'd set myself up for disappointment comparing them to La Patisserie des Reves.  The chocolate cream was cavity-rattling but the choux was a touch too tough for my liking.  Not bad, just not up to the level you need to be in Paris.  This is the sweet-stuffs big leagues.  I do give them credit for offering something different, mixing up the patisserie scene a bit.
After I'd polished mine off, I began to get emails from the meeting.  One, then another thanked me.  Apparently, as a result of sugary persuasion, a detente had broken out.  They were no longer yelling, agreements were reached.  Who said pastry ain't important?
29 rue Debelleyme
3rd Arondissement

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  1. Isn't this the new spot near the apartment? I tried the choc one but it was too sweet for me to try the other interesting selection available.

    Got to agree with you.. can't beat La Patisserie des Reves :)

  2. Love how you weaved your work story into this :) Have been debating whether to try them and since I've never tried anything from La Patisserie des Rêves (I know, criminal), I suppose I should start with Popelini and THEN compare.

  3. @Dodo, yep - it's the place you tried out the day it opened.

  4. @LIC - glad you liked the weaving, that's a compliment coming from a weaver like you. Here's my humble recommendation - go to Popelini, then move up to Pain de Sucre then finish at Reves. You realize you should be deported for not trying Reves already, right?

  5. perhaps we should serve some of these at the next G8/IMF meeting?

  6. @yixiao - man, the arguments at my company make the G8 look like a friggin picnic.

  7. Between you and Antonio Bachour, I'm going to need about 3 weeks in Paris to try all these places. Any interest in a Freaky Friday like switch of jobs for a week?

  8. @Niko, three weeks aint gonna cut it. We're talking Paris, hello?