Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trois Pommes - Brooklyn

Expensive, but Worth It
I don't like to overpay for stuff, but for some reason I have a soft spot in my heart for Trois Pommes bakery. It is pricey but I simple love the place. Perhaps it's because they make so many peanut butter treats. Perhaps it's because they make old-school favorites, like the hand-made Oreos on the left of the pic, below.

Remember the Hostess cupcake? (You gotta be old like me, perhaps.) They make their own version, called the Mostess, with a deep chocolate cake. Ping-Ping ordered one by mistake, she meant to order something else. She was so disappointed when we got home and opened the bag that I offered to take if off her hands. She declined - she ain't no dum-dum.
I am a sucker for peanut bucker, so when they pointed out the peanut butter pie, I heard the Sting song "Be Still My Beating Heart" go off in my head. (I don't think anyone else heard it.) I was dinner-stuffed so after I photoed it, I told myself I'd save it for tomorrow. NOT. The filling was light, like a peanuty cloud. The bottom crust was made of something akin to crushed chocolate graham crackers. The top crust was a dark chocolate shell, it must have been applied when liquid to harden over time. At $5, let the debate begin on whether it is "overpriced."

Park Slope

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  1. It is definitely worth the stuffed stomach. Am not a peanut butter fan... but I am a convert when it comes to Trois Pommes :)

    Do NOT think of getting of my Mostess! Hahaha...

  2. Allow me to write you a poem, Ping-Ping:

    Sharing is caring,
    Hoggin is for hard-noggins,
    Some Mostess for the King,
    Leads to homemade stuffs for the Ping.

  3. I am definitely coming here! Honestly I have never been to a good bakery in brooklyn but I am so excited to come here! I have a sweet tooth for peanut butter as well! Very delish!


  4. FCG, make sure you get the peanut butter cookie sandwich. That is off the charts if you like peanut butter. Their jelly donuts are great too.

    I recommend a weekend morning, things tend to sell out in this place by the evening.

  5. I've walked by this place a bunch, but haven't checked it out yet. After those photos (peanut butter, yes!), I'm so there.

  6. That pie looks legit, and I would pay $5 for it. In fact, at some point I have to go check that out. haha. Five dollars seems like a standard pie slice price. Of course diff places give you diff amount... at the Milk Bar I think their slices are always super small.