Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Loysel's Toy Cafe - Singapore

Hi, I'm Lactose!
I have a buddy who never quite finishes his sentences.  If you ask him to have a latte he'll say "I can't, I'm lactose."  He's missing the all important "intolerant", which imparts a noticeably different spin.  I've been intolerant my whole life but have chosen to pretend otherwise.  However, with a nod to the power of milk sugars, I've been trying to warm up to soy.  Loysel's Toy Cafe makes a great soy latte and that's no easy feat.  Their strong espresso tastes as if it's mixed with milk.
First, allow me to set the Singapore scene. It's hot, muggy - the sun burns your neck like a blow dryer.  I do the unthinkable - I take a bus to Loysel's.  My girlfriend is, well to put it politely, cab-friendly.  She'll think that if any idiot can find a bus to Loysel's, it will be her idiot.  For those looking to follow along, I took the number 100 bus and then walked across the Rochor canal on a foot bridge.  Loysel's is at the foot of that white building on the right.
The place has that certain something I can't quite put a finger on.  I felt right at home and only bad coffee or food could've messed that up.  I've now been twice, the first time I tried out a caramel cake that was fantastic.  Today, the soy latte was just as good as the first time.  These guys take their coffee making seriously.
As with all good places, it tends to get crowded.  It helps if you go there on a Tuesday morning at 10am, like I did.  I nipped out before the lunch crowd arrived - I was sure there would be one, even though this place is a bit boondockled.  I suspect, however, that they'll arrive by car.
66 Kampong Bugis

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  1. oh em gee a post, do you take lactase pills when you do want to drink milk/lactose containing foods?

  2. @Anon - Was the long wait for a new post worth it? Wahahaha, don't answer, I know it wasn't. I've tried the pills but they don't work very well for me.

  3. FN - I'm lactose intolerant also. But is your intolerance season dependent? I think mine is. For example during summer I can have all ice cream I want sans the after efx of lactose intolerancy, but come winter, I would be so gassy that I probably could propel myself to the moon! (okay that was a bit tmi!).

    Anyways, on to another subject. When in Paris have you found yourself at Ble Sucre? If so, I wait for your thoughts on it!

  4. @Cewek - I don't think it's seasonal for me at all. Now, in the spirit of "tmi", I find that soy has added a new aroma to my gaseous emissions, so to say.

    Yep, been to Ble Sucre, used to work close by. I have a writeup on them, just google "pufflist ble sucre" and it'll pop up.

  5. Cool! Thanks! We'll be in Paris for 3 nights in late Oct. We're gathering a list now on where to eat. This list is getting longer and longer!

  6. Babe.... Go try Papa Palheta. Same coffee... different feel. You might like it!

  7. @Puff Speaks - it's on my list! Gotta find a bus that goes there, wahahahahaha.