Thursday, September 30, 2010

Karloff - Brooklyn

Swiss-Knife Cafe
Everyone who walked in did what I did - looked around, a bit confused, trying to figure out the newly opened cafe that took over the old Tea Lounge space.  They want to cover all the bases, serving a strange mix of Eastern European comfort food, ice cream, baked goods, coffee and even smoothies.  I didn't stay befuddled too long, I was coming off an eight-hour conference call and was starving.  I glanced at the menu and chose the first thing I saw - chicken meatloaf with mashed potatoes.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hill Country Chicken - Manhattan

Newcomer Bird vs. Popeyes
Every new fried chicken spot gets compared to Popeyes - that's how it works on this silly blog.  Why? Because this is the Puff List.  She'll ask is "is it better than Popeye's, babe?"  I still can't get over it - the little Singaporean chick loves Popeyes.  Will Hill Country Chicken come out on top?  Will Popeyes keep the crown?  It's the pseudo South against faux New Orleans.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mother's Cupboard - Syracuse

Manly Burger Lunch
I wasn't comfortable cutting my burger in half at Mother's Cupboard - there are pickup trucks and Harley's parked outside in the lot, know what I mean?  It's like sitting ringside at a mixed martial arts fight wearing a pink bow tie.  I had to do it though - I wanted you to see the beautiful cross-section.  Just look at it - a juicy patty with bacon, cheese and an over-easy fried egg between a toasted, flaky bun that was up to the task.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stella's Diner - Syracuse

It's Simple, but Oh So Good!
I spend a lot of time on planes but don't eat the food. While in the air I usually plan my first meal (and sometimes the second through tenth.) On my way to Syracuse, I didn't have to think long - Stella's is near the airport and they serve diner food that's hard to beat. Since Dodo wasn't with me, it's a two-fer: I get a slamming meal and get to drive her into an jealous rage.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Naruto Ramen - Brooklyn

Memorable, for the Wrong Reason
I'm no food expert, and I definitely don't know much about ramen. But as it turns out, it wasn't necessary at Naruto. Four hours later I still have a stomach ache, just like I did at Minca in the East Village. It's as if the ramen got to my stomach and wove itself into a tight ball and refused to move any further.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Iris Cafe - Brooklyn

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Paris Posts... go to the best place on Earth - Iris Cafe. I dreamt about their breakfast all night, about the sticky buns, the coffee and the bacon. This little place has captured my attention like no other. They make food that's the culinary version of a sharp head-butt to the face or a punch in the stomach that knocks the wind out of you. The flavors are strong and memorable - there is no "suggestion" of this or "hint" of that.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lucca - Paris

Baby's All Grown Up
Straight off the plane from all the globe-trotting I'm not going to dive head first into my Paris life. Let me ease into it, slowly, by way of Italy. Dodo, you remember Lucca, right? The little Italian spot north of the apartment that serves nice focaccia? Well, he's expanded - both the menu and the space. Now he's selling pasta, has taken over some space across the street and even has a lounge/bar on the corner where he was pumping NWA, of all things.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Koon Kee - Singapore

Garage Farewell Dinner
As midnight approaches I realize how Cinderella must have felt. It's time to head back to Paris but I don't want to, I'd rather stay here with Dodo. We spent our last meal at Koon Kee where I was on the prowl for Beef Hor Fun, described to me as beef stew with flat noodles. Who coulda guessed that the prawn-paste fried chicken and the decor would steal the show.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Once Upon a Milkshake - Singapore

Fourth Time's a Charm
I'd been to Once Upon a Milkshake before and was forced to accept some lesser flavor like mocha. I've peeked in a few other times but they were always out of it. Just take it off the menu, already. Stop teasing me. The other day, one more peek. They have it!! I burst through the door so hard everyone momentarily stopped fondling their iBaubles.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Flor Patisserie - Singapore

It's a Matter of Taste
Imagine yourself in a dream, floating high above the earth. You're not scared, you feel safe and happy. The sun is warm and bright, causing you to squint. It's beauty like you've never seen, all the colors are glowing. Sugary white clouds billow around you, beckoning you, and in your dream state you know they're edible. You close your eyes, open your mouth and gently bite. How does it taste?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wah Lok - Singapore

Dim Sum Mea Culpa
I felt so bad I had to do something, but what? Send flowers? Chocolates? I was concerned about re-doubling the insult with an awkward apology. So, I consulted a Singaporean insider for advice. "Just take her for a nice meal, duh" said Puffin, disgusted by my stupidity. I left the choice to Puffin who set up a visit to Wah Lok, a Cantonese restaurant inside the Carlton Hotel.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sin Ming Roti Prata - Singapore

The Bar Has Been Raised
For me, the perfect roti prata is a balance between flaky and fluffy. The skin should shatter a bit when forked and you shouldn't have to work to hard to tear off a chunk. Sin Ming Roti Prata gets it just right. I've been a handful of times now and they're consistently good. If they were closer to Puffin's and not a cab ride away I wouldn't go anywhere else for prata. I'll crown them, for now, as my favorite "travel prata."