Friday, October 1, 2010

Four and Twenty Blackbirds - Brooklyn

They'll Shut Your Pie-Hole
After reading about Four and Twenty Blackbirds over and over on Blondie and Brownie, I jumped the R train to check it out.  Just a few posts ago I wondered if anyone could make a pie in this city, now I have my answer.  I'm a sucker for any salty-sweet combo and their salted caramel apple pie hits all the right notes - flaky homemade crust, tender apples that aren't overly sweet and a salty aftertaste.  I knew this was my kind of place when they confirmed that they make their own whipped cream.

The sisters who own the place hail from South Dakota which explains their friendly demeanor.  I felt like they were happy to have me as a customer.  A lot of the recipes are Grandma's - no fancy-schmancy crap, just good old-fashioned hand-made seasonal pies and baked goods.  I also tried one of their muffins, a cranberry-carrot combo.  It had a sugary crust, tender insides and a refreshingly sour bite.

There has to be something lacking, right?  I expected the coffee to be bad but nope - the latte was rich and satisfying.  There was even a copy of the NY Times laying on one of the large wooden tables, which I read cover to cover.  If this place were closer to me I think I'd quickly add a third chin.  Absolutely loved it.
439 3rd Avenue

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  1. Dodo... you are right, I like this post. This was the place I wanted to visit the last time to get a pie for Che's house but cannot remember why I didn't make it.

    Yes, this has to be on the to go to place when I arrive!!!

  2. @Dopestinkle - are you talking to yourself again?

  3. Dude, I have been craving pie so much lately. Must be because it's pumpkin season. I've thought about Four and Twenty, but it seems like it's out in the middle of NOWHERE, right? I'm lazy.

  4. @Donuts - yep, it's boondockled for sure, surrounded by tire-change places.