Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Huré - Paris

The Rich Get Richer...
Some blocks in Paris barely have anywhere to eat, others have a place sprinkled here and there. Then there is rue Rambuteau - specifically, the two blocks between rue Beaubourg and rue des Archives. It's ridiculous: 3 green grocers, 3-4 brasseries, two Chinese restaurants, a Greek traiteur, two butchers, a creperie, an Italian restaurant, a fish monger, and the patisseries Pain de Sucre, Pralus, Berko Bakery as well as an outlet of LeGay Choc and probably 3-4 more things I'm forgetting. Now, out of nowhere, a brand new patisserie called Huré.

It's a swanky place. Large interior, nice fixtures and an impressively long line for 8am. Folks seemed to be digging it - they were ordering a lot more than they could eat for breakfast, for sure.

Just inside the front door is a vintage delivery motorcycle prop, loaded up with sacks of flour. Definitely an upgrade from their other location at Place D'Italie (at least I'm pretty sure this is the same crew.)

They have all the good things you'd expect from a Parisian patisserie/boulangerie, both savory and sweet. I tried a petit pain with Reblochon and lardons baked in. That's just a fancy way of saying cheese and bacon, kinda-sorta. Reblochon has an interesting backstory that relates to taxes, of all things. Lardon is like bacon's fat, lazy, fun cousin - strips of fatback that probably reduce your life span one bite at a time. It was a damned tasty combo. As good as the petit pains at Du Pain et des Idees? Not sure about that, gonna have to do a taste comparison.

On the sweet side, I tried a bread twist coated in powdered sugar and nutella. I liked this a lot but it probably wasn't a good idea to eat it during my morning meeting. It was so flaky and delicate that the folks near me got showered with crumbs.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Huré! You got good stuff. Now I'm even more confused - there are just too many choices!
18, rue Rambuteau
3rd Arondissement

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  1. Sure sounds like a place I will like... somehow when I read this write up, I think about my apple croissant at Pain de Sucre. Man, I miss that!

  2. Pain de Sucre stopped making those for some reason. I asked the guy for one the other day and he said they no longer make them but I couldn't understand what he said about why they stopped.

    Just kidding.... don't have a heart attack