Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hanco's - Brooklyn

Banh Mi in the BK
This tiny Bergen St sandwich maker never ceases to please. Lately, it has become my go-to Sunday football half-time meal. The menu is limited, which jibes well with my indecisiveness.

Today it was shredded chicken, extra spicy. As usual, the fresh roll had a pleasing crust and the chicken was tender and delicious. I like this place better than Nicky's on Atlantic Ave. Soon, I will visit the oft-raved Banh Mi Saigon to see how Hanco's stacks up.

85 Bergen

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  1. I assume this is the one I tried while I was in Brooklyn.. if so, then it's 2 thumbs up!!

    The combination of many things somehow all fit together and makes this sandwich extremely tasty... we are definitely heading back one of those lazy afternoons over the weekend ahead :)

  2. It is one in the same, Puffin. Why wait for a lazy afternoon?