Saturday, December 20, 2008

H3C - Paris, Redux

Had to Try the Pho
There is a French custom of shaking everyone's hand when you arrive at work in the morning. I like it generally, but wonder how smart it is during flu and cold season. Everyone at work has been coughing and wheezing so when I started to feel a little flu-ish, I popped over to H3C for some Pho. In my mind, this would be akin to chicken soup and I was eager to feel better prior to jumping on my flight back to Brooklyn. I have a longer write-up of H3C here, from a previous visit.

This was just what the doctor ordered. I dipped the tender beef in the side-sauce, then slurped up the noodles with my chopsticks and finally drained the remaining broth, one spoonful at a time. Ok, time for my eight hour flight.....
9, Rue de Renard
4th Arondissement

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