Monday, October 4, 2010

Pies 'n' Thighs - Brooklyn

The Good, the Bad and the Stupid
Back when I had a great life in Brooklyn, I lived close to my boys Geppie, Hatebean, Clinks and Froggy.  We hung out, played sports, joked each other and laughed non-stop.  One by one, they grew up and moved away and Brooklyn's never really been the same.  I'm still here and still immature, which can be a lonely feeling.  This weekend we had a rare "Brooklyn flashback" and everyone except Geppie made the trip.  As usual, they had no eating ideas so I talked them into a breakfast at Pies 'n' Thighs.

Let's start with the good, then move onto the bad and stupid.  I hadn't eaten chicken and waffles since trying it at Roscoe's when I lived in Los Angeles.  Yep, it's exactly what it looks like: deep-fried chicken served alongside a batch of waffles.  Froggy let me try a taste and it was excellent.  The fried chicken was delectable - crispy, juicy, salty in a good way.  Dodo, I think you should give it a try.  We doused the taters with a tangy ketchup and enjoyed every bite.  A simple, very well-done dish.

Unfortunately, my "banjo" was dead on arrival, cold as a February bathroom floor.  It's a coulda-shoulda-woulda since, properly executed, this biscuit with egg, cheese and bacon might have been delish.  The fact that it made it to my table in a frigid state is a mind-closer.  I shut down, mentally.  It's unforgivable notwithstanding we were the first people to arrive and order.
We weren't without our own faults.  Hatebean looked through a menu loaded with pork, chicken, pies and donuts and unleashed his inner-sissy.  Granola with yogurt?  Are you serious?  Why didn't you just stay home, unroll a yoga mat, sit in the lotus position, close your eyes and imagine eating?  Idiot!  Almost as stupid as waiting in a long line to get in - it's hit or miss, from what I can tell.
We arrived at 10am on the dot, so no line for us. No wait for Kanye either, he got a table right away.


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  1. When can I interview you? I might be planning a trip to his some Paris Patisseries this winter and I'll need a consult. I don't think the email use use to post is legit :)

  2. @Niko - Whenever you do a post entitled "dumbshits who don't know anything but have strong opinions" then I'm your man! Let me know when you're coming to Paris, we can hit all the patisseries you want!

  3. bahahhahahahhahaha. i just spit out some water while reading this post. i love that you have a friend named hatebean

  4. @Sandy - glad that I got you laughing. Did the water hit the keyboard or screen? Hatebean has had a lot of nicknames. We used to call him Snack Fu, but now he's all diet-y. Loser.