Monday, October 6, 2008

Stinky bklyn

Ham and Cheese Ain't Ever Gonna Be the Same
First of all, can you think of a cooler name for a cheese store? Check out the sign - I love it. First time I walked inside this Smith St. gem, I noticed that it indeed was kinda, well, odoriferous.
Here's a shot of the outside. I hope they got a chain on that bench, the economy is starting to drag. Before you know it, "bklyn" will start being "Brooklyn" again.
If it ain't obvious yet, they specialize in cheese. All shapes, sizes and provenances. I noticed a number of different Spanish Manchegos - which happen to be my favorite. All you need is some Spanish ham to go along with it....
Got this flick off of flickr.

Speaking of ham.... Click on this pic and take a closer look. Yep, they got the real stuff, straight off the hoof, so to say. I haven't seen it like this since I spent a summer in Madrid. I never thought I would see this in the good old US of A.
So, here is the plan: when you come back we'll celebrate with some Manchego and a few prime slices of the Jamon Iberico. Oh, did I fail to mention that they also sell Chinotto? I feel like I've hit the trifecta.
261 Smith St

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  1. Cheese is something I know nothing about.. and the ham here is not the usually honey baked ham that I know.. Now the cat is out of the bag, I know nothing about good cheese and ham. Bobo-ness is out!!

    Now I am sad girl :(

  2. Bobo can go to Stinky and learn something. Yes?