Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cantine Auguste - Paris

Straight Outta Williamsburg?
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, USA - an interesting, recently gentrified "artsy" neighborhood HAD to be the spark for this eatery. Let me explain, please. Bearded, overall-wearing food makers? Check. Smoothies on offer? Check. Minimalist, white-washed brick? Check. Somehow related to/part of a clothing store cum "gallery" collective? Check. Matter of fact - the clothing store/gallery is right next door.

Did I want to hate it? Sure did - it struck me as a derivative of a worn out idea. Did I hate it? Nope, not at all. Know why? The friggin sandwiches! They're really good. They have about 12 different combinations. I had a salmon, avocado on panini bread. They make all sandwiches fresh while you wait. Pretty good value for 3 Euros, but be warned, they're pretty small. Pingle - I think they're perfect for your mini-tummy.

I liked it so much I got another one, this time on a different style bread. Damned good. They also offer cold pasta dishes and salads. I'll get to those soon, this place is officially in the rotation.

They're open every day except Sunday from 9 to 9 - not sure what they offer for breakfast though - I've only been for lunch.

11th Arondissement

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  1. Ok.. I know I am late in commenting. But you know I read the post right?

    The sandwich didn't call out to me.. something else did. You know what did, right? Guess?

  2. Dodbird, your radar is off - these sandwiches are slamming!