Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sacha Finkelsztajn - Paris

Cheesecake on Rue de Rosiers
As I have explained in previous posts, I am a cheesecake expert. I say that with a sly smile - what it means, really, is that I make one that I think is tops. My girlfriend agrees with me (I think) but she is biased, clearly. Anyway, I'm particular about cheesecake - I prefer the heavy over the light, the sweet over the bland, the slow-bake over the pour-and-chill. Throw in a graham cracker crust while you're at it. I've been to Berko - their version is super-light but it's pretty good. Someone commented on the Berko post that I should try the version at Sacha Finkelsztajn, so off I went. When I walked in, I got a good vibe. The place was buzzing and everything looked really, really good.

I took one look at the cheesecake and it looked just like the kid's (that's me - I'm the kid.) Now, trying to figure out how to actually buy a slice was a whole other story. What initially felt like buzz when I entered the place began to feel like chaos. I got bumped, jostled and ignored by patrons and employees alike. After 15 minutes or so, I got a slice handed to me in a bag only to be put in another line for the honor of paying. Part of the charm, I guess. Worst part is, the cheesecake wasn't worth the fuss. The heavy texture was right but I found it on the bland side and a bit dry. Where is that first bite creamy, sweet, intense "holy shit this is good" moment? I know, I know, I'm going to have to make mine, set-up a stand and sling it by the slice to back up my talk.
4th Arondissement

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  1. OOooo.. the cheesecake critic is in the house!!

    When are you setting up a stand babe? When? Where babe? Where? In Paris???

  2. I am not setting up nothing, nowhere!! It's easier to be a critic, Pinguino.

    Babe, how come you didn't back me up on how good my cheesecake is? Huh? How come babe?

  3. Awh, sorry to hear that it wasn't worth the fuss. I'm not a fan of cheesecake though. Actually, to be honest, I never gave it a try.

  4. No offense Sharon, but my momma told me not to trust anyone who doesn't like cheesecake...

    (just teasing)

  5. When I read that you were the cheesecake expert, I was expecting to read that you had found the best cheesecake in paris but apparently not...where would you go then? (mine favorite cheesecake so far is in london, in a beigel shop on brick lane...)

  6. @Celine - I haven't really found one in Paris that I like. I like em heavy and moist. I'm sure there has to be a good one here in Paris somewhere. I like your blog - though my French ability is pretty inferior, so I'm not sure I understand all that you guys are saying. How has your view of Paris changed since spending time in London?