Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hidden Cafe - Hanoi

Half the Fun is the Climb Up
I will explain what the means shortly. Café Pho Co (Hidden Cafe) has some interesting coffees - this is Egg Milk Coffee. Yes, a coffee with a thick foam of egg and milk on the top. Puffin says it looked like brain, but it was actually quite nice. Thick rich coffee at the bottom with an extra-rich foam that tasted like heavy cream to me. Puffin said it was too "eggy" but I disagree.

As you can see, it is almost one-to-one foam-to-coffee.

Now for the "climb-up" part of the story. This is a four-level cafe that you must walk through some other shops to find. Just go to 11 Hang Gai St and look for this entrance. Walk in and go to the right.

Down the dark corridor...

Until you find this courtyard.

You'll be given menus and after ordering just wait on the ground floor for your coffee to be made.

With coffee in hand, start to make the climb to one of three higher levels. You could stop at level two - a shaded, green hideaway.

Or continue on up the spiral staircase....

To level three, which has a tiled floor and a south-facing porch.

Or, keep going.....

Until you arrive at the top level, on the 4th floor. An outdoor terrace with a roof where the breeze flows nicely.
And offers up a beautiful south-facing view onto Hoan Kiem lake. For more of our Hanoi stories, click THIS.

11 Hang Gai St
Hanoi, Vietnam

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  1. I love that journey! Will go on my list the next time we make it back to VN.

  2. WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HANOI?! First Paris and now Hanoi? We are JEALOUS.

  3. @Front Studio - lol, sorry. Paris is just work, no biggie. Hanoi is for fun and it is a great trip so far. Next up, Melaka Malaysia. Stay tuned.