Friday, March 4, 2011

Van Horn Sandwich Shop - Brooklyn

Love is Four Letter Word: P-O-R-K
I've been away from Brooklyn for three long months. Enough time for someone talented to plop down an excellent southern-style sandwich shop near my apartment.  They call themselves Van Horn and they must have sold their souls to the devil.  They made me a pulled pork sandwich for lunch that singlehandedly removed both my jetlag and the bonechill I'd acquired on the walk over.
I've had the afternoon to ponder and now I'm sure - this is the best sandwich that my senile mind can remember.  I remove the bun-hat to show you the smokey pulled pork, slaw and unseen sprinkles of vinegar.  I downed it in what seemed like a singular gulp and there was the waitress, asking me how I liked her suggestion.  "Holy shit" was all I could think to say.  She smiled nervously, though in her defense I was dressed like a homeless and hadn't showered since Paris.
Have you ever had hushpuppies?  They're deep-fried balls of cornbread.  True Americana.  I usually don't care for them but now I got something new to feed the girlfriend when she arrives in April.
The Van Horn version are light and are served with sweet butter to devastating effect.  It felt like love.
I sat in the window and watched the bundled lean into the icy wind on Court Street.  I was warm and happy as I slowly finished off my Big Daddy IPA.
231 Court Street
Cobble Hill

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  1. Hushpuppies are the bomb. I love 'em. Glad to hear you have a restaurant that makes ones you like.

  2. @Sal - I went back last night and tried the fried chicken sandwich. The pork is way better. The hushpuppies second time around were just as good. Excellent!

  3. oh god. had me cracking up from the first sentence!!

  4. @Sandy - get yourself to Van Horn and duplicate my order. Bliss.

  5. And I thought love is suppose to be P-U-F-F?!?!??! How did a pig overtake me?? How??? So sad...

    Got to say the hush puppies appeal to me more than the sandwich... I might change my mind next week! Yeah... I like the sound of it... next week :)

  6. @Dodo - P-U-F-F or P-O-R-K, it's all the same, wahahahahahaha. (hunkering down now, expecting major blowback)