Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Caffe Falai - Manhattan

Breakfast Bomboloni
My gut and I would like to thank Serious Eats for their "Best Donuts in NY" post. Ever since I read it my donut intake and waistline have been increasing. I had no clue that bomboloni existed and was perfectly content. Of course, their photo looked so delicious I HAD to have one, so off to Caffe Falai went the Puff and I. Very swanky place, whitewashed throughout, triple chandeliers over the counter and tables bedecked with linen. Not a place where pocket change is gonna cover it.

Puff ordered something non-donuty, I don't even remember what - I was occupied by my Bomboloni choice: chocolate or chantilly cream? Why choose? I got both. They were slightly smaller than a baseball, dusted with sugar, the fillings peeking out of holes punched in the top of their craniums. Forewarned, I nevertheless bit with vigor, sending chantilly cream onto my hand and forearm, which I licked off, forgetting that this is not the type of place you show your tongue. They were light, tender and subtle - the coating of sugar supplying the majority of the sweetness to the dough. The innards were both tasty but I preferred the chantilly cream to the chocolate. I will happily come back for future visits.

265 Lafayette

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  1. Haha.. someone is definitely donut crazy.. and now we know increasing waistline is absolutely not caused by this blog but by Serious Eats donuts post :)

    Yes, now that Puff is in NY... we can go on food hunts together! Yeah me!! No more having to read and look at yummilicious tempting food pics and not be able to try it.

    Falai was great... I had this croissant filled with jam.. and I mean really full of jam.. Croissant was of the right texture and flaky and light. I enjoyed it. Although I got to say, Bomboloni was slightly more memorable and only because the chocolate filled ones was filled with real chocolate fillings that's not overly sweet.

  2. Oh yes that Serious Eats donut post really made us drool about wanting donuts. Like it says you should try the Peter Pan bakery in Greenpoint, if you ever make it out there. One of our favorite source of glazed donuts!

  3. Oh, don't worry, I will try the whole list and then some! Greenpoint, here I come....