Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stan's Place - Brooklyn: CLOSED

A Bit of New Orleans in the BK
I've only been to New Orleans once, so I cannot judge Stan's on authenticity. I will stick to basics: vibe, food and service. First, it is a warm and inviting space - I went for brunch with Hatebean on a warm day and we sat in a front window that was open to the street. (No, that is not us in the photo.)

They serve up your typical cajun fare: po boys, gumbo, blackened catfish, etc. Hatebean ordered the bananas foster pancakes and liked them a lot. I could tell because he wouldn't share.

I made the rookie mistake of ordering the eggs benedict and not ten minutes later asking the waitress for a recommendation. It was too late to change and the eggs with shredded pork, red beans and potato hash sounded way better. When the eggs benedict arrived I already didn't want them. They were ok, nothing spectacular. Gotta go back and give this place another try.

411 Atlantic Ave

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  1. I have to say the pancakes sure looks way better than the eggs benedict...

    Although, I probably would have made the same mistake as you.. Haha.. Well, we can always go back to try something else.. I am up for the potato hash!

  2. I learned my lesson - ask for the specialty BEFORE you put in your order....

  3. And u gotto smile when u do that... don't forget.. Smile :)

  4. NEGATIVE!! Not smiling for nobody, never.

  5. Well.. u surely smile when you look at the Trois Pommes peanut butter cookies. Man, how come cookies can make you smile and not the Puffin?? Huh??