Monday, January 18, 2010

One Girl Cookies - Brooklyn

I Draw the Line at Cookies for Breakfast
Ok, that's not true. I have, in the past, eaten cookies for breakfast. Matter of fact, I still do whenever I play hooky from work - my version of a bad boy double-down (yes, I know, I'm so scary dangerous.) Anyway, this morning I was chatting with the Puffin, who is half-way around the world and mentioned I may visit One Girl Cookies, one of her favorites. Her jealousy was palpable. I knew I'd hit paydirt when she tried to talk me out of it. See, making each other food envious is part of our relationship. I'd been there before and found the cookies to be overpriced for their size. This visit I got a biscuit and scone.

The biscuit was cold and would've been better straight from the oven, but I enjoyed it nevertheless - it was hand-made and tasted like it. Besides, I slathered it in butter and jam - it almost couldn't fail. Now to the scone. I'm a traditionalist, I prefer scones to be closely related to their cousin, the biscuit. I didn't have much hope for the strange triangle on my plate. To my surprise, it was very tasty and had a rough, whole-grain texture that was refreshing. The coffee was just as I like it - strong and rich, which was the clincher. I had a good time, sitting at one of the wooden tables around the corner from the entryway, shown below. It didn't hurt that I was in a place that my girlfriend loves, a place that reminds me of her and shrinks the thousands of miles between us.

68 Dean St
Boerum Hill

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  1. Mmmmm. Biscuits. That's one thing I miss about not living in SC anymore. There, almost any restaurant serves homemade biscuits, hot. Here, not so much, in fact, hardly ever!

  2. U could have asked for it to be heated. Did u get homemade jam? I do miss this spot.

  3. Jam, yes. Homemade? Don't know.