Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Chocolate Room

Cake and Ice Cream for Dinner
In some cultures it is called a sweet tooth. Me? I got a wolf-mouth full of em. I mean, it just grabs hold of me. I swear. I had no intention of going into the Chocolate Room - none. See, the colors caught my attention, made me turn to take in the full bloom of the place. My feet slowed their usual shuffle. I was standing, staring, not really thinking. Ok, a quick peek inside to see what they got.

I managed to walk by all the chocolate bars stacked up fort-knox-style in the display cases, past the cupcakes, past the kitchen to the back of the place. Ok, I'll rest my feet and sit for a minute. A menu? Sure, I'll look one over. Before I knew it, things were arriving. A small taste of chocolate ice cream. So rich, so delicious. Now the juices are flowing.

Next, a darkly good slice of chocolate cake. So dark that it kinda scared me. Waiter - bring me a coffee, quick! Need some coffee to handle this baby. Couldn't wait though. Carved off a nice chunk and to my surprise, it had a light, clean taste. I blinked and stared at it as I chewed, like I would at an optical illusion. How the hell did they do it? How?

269 Court St
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  1. Ummmm.. Chocolate... I LOVE... :)

    Given how depressing work is right now... I sure hope I could have some of it now.. need endorphines to cheer me up :)

    Hey.. Gorilla bakes yummilicious cheesecake and banana bread.. how about taking the chocolate challenge next? YEAH!!

  2. Shhhhh.... be vewy, vewy quiet, I am hunting wabbits.....

    Don't let out all my secrets, Puff!