Thursday, September 30, 2010

Karloff - Brooklyn

Swiss-Knife Cafe
Everyone who walked in did what I did - looked around, a bit confused, trying to figure out the newly opened cafe that took over the old Tea Lounge space.  They want to cover all the bases, serving a strange mix of Eastern European comfort food, ice cream, baked goods, coffee and even smoothies.  I didn't stay befuddled too long, I was coming off an eight-hour conference call and was starving.  I glanced at the menu and chose the first thing I saw - chicken meatloaf with mashed potatoes.

Does the name Karloff conjure up anything?  Whenever I hear the name I think of Martin Landau's portrayal of Bela Lugosi in the movie Ed Wood.

The chicken loaf was pretty good, though a touch bland - about what you expect for the territory.  I wolfed it down, potatoes too.  Truth be told, I was so hungry I almost ate the flower display in the middle of the large communal table.  The compote was nice - a mix of plums, cherries and other fruit served in a glass jar.  The menu is small: beef stroganoff with kasha, beef stew, stuffed cabbage, blinis and mac n cheese.  I'm guessing it will expand over time.
The look and feel is comfortable.  High tin ceilings, communal tables and a large front window to let in light and allow Court St people watching.
I enjoyed it enough that I'll come back for another visit.  Perhaps I'll convince the Dodo to join me - she sure likes meatloaf, so maybe she'll like chicken meatloaf.

256 Court Street

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  1. Meatloaf and mash potatoes sure sounds like comfort food.... :)

    I think I recognize the shop space... this is close to Sweet Melissa?

  2. @Dodo - yep. Remember the tea place with free wifi? It's that old spot.