Friday, October 3, 2008

Amy's Bread

Tokyo Ain't Got Nothing on Amy
Ok, look, I loved Tokyo. The Japanese got a lot of stylish, tasty treats. But they ain't got Amy. We got her. We also got her bread and cakes and donuts and....... well, you know the rest. You remember this spot, I'm sure. I arrived there this morning around 7:20am and I had to get in line behind a bunch of Japanese tourists and Parisian ex-pats. I sure wish the dollar would strengthen and thin out the visiting herd. It is laid out exactly as you remember it: production to the right, eating to the left.

Man, what a lot of choices. I could go with any of these and be a happy man. I almost got one of those French blueberry muffins in the middle but ended up going with my usual cherry cream scone.

Bowl of latte was an automatic. I asked for and got an extra-strong. Just look at it. Don't you wanna take off your socks, dive in with a big splash and do a caffeine backstroke? What? You can't swim? Serious?

672 Ninth Ave

Map it!

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  1. Ok.. I know I am behind in my comments.. but u know I read it all :) EVERYDAY...

    Yes.. Tokyo has no Amy's Bread.. but it has Viron... and hey it was quite yummy... In Singapore, there used to have this place called Simply Bread (which is probably only half as good as Amy's but the shop has moved... so I need to find alternative fast!)

    I wonder I miss Gorilla more or the bread more... wahahaha

  2. Viron was excellent, I agree. But comparing Viron to Amy's Bread is unfair. Viron should be compared to Balthazar, in my opinion.