Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dough - Brooklyn

Bus Worthy in Bed-Stuy
As the B38 bus rumbled over potholes, I had a good feeling.  I suspected I'd be adding Dough to the "bus-worthy" list.  To be bus-worthy means I'm willing to ride a bus to eat at a place.  If you've never lived in NYC, the worst way to travel is by bus; they're crowded, slow and attract a high percentage of nutjobs.  To be bus-worthy is the highest compliment I can give.  Only Baked in Red Hook was on the list, but now they've got company.  Dough's donuts are so good I didn't even mind taking the bus back home.  They offer interesting flavors like hibiscus, passionfruit, chocolate earl grey and lemon poppy but being a coffee guy I picked one called "cafe au lait."  It was so big and puffy I could've used it for a pillow.
We're talking big, fat, yeasty donuts - none of those flat cake donuts (ok, I love those too.)  The space is tight, interesting and homespun.  If you're lucky you can snag one of the six seats at the window or you can just grab a bunch and eat em at home.  Another plus - since it's in Bed-Stuy only serious donut heads will make the hike.  Dough, welcome to the list!

305 Franklin Avenue
Bedford Stuyvesent

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  1. Donut sure looks good. Are they the normal donuts or do they have fillings inside like DonutPlant?

    I do miss donuts.... although I obviously had my fair share last trip in NY, it sure wasn't enough. You gonna bring some over to SG for me?

  2. @"Puffy" - I doubt these would survive the trip, but because I love you so much I'll head back there and force myself to eat a bunch!

  3. I've heard of Baked... I need to make it down there!!
    That photo makes me hungry. So Dough will be added to my list as well.
    Hooray for sweets!

  4. @Meg - from looking at your site, I see you're a cupcake nut. Time to get to Baked.....

  5. I KNOW! I will get to Baked, it's on my list. Cupcakes are so photogenic.

  6. I tried the hibiscus at was underwhelming =( I was expecting a floral taste in the glaze but it was tasted of nothing! Maybe it was just that doughnut or maybe it wasn't superfresh at the market. I don't know - I dont want to give up yet!

  7. @Jae_Em - I went there and got one coming straight outta the kitchen. It was banging. Jump on the bus and check it out live and in person.